Private health insurance

  • Private health insurance rebates are available on all of our services for families with Extras or Psychology cover.

  • Contact your provider directly to confirm what/if any rebates are available to you with the following item codes :

    • 10010 or 100

    • 20010 or 200

  • Please note that a rebate can only be claimed ​once per session, so either Private Health or Medicare but not both


  • Medicare rebates are available on ASD assessment (HCWA referral from a paediatrician), Counselling and Intervention services (MHCP referral) only - unfortunately not on General Assessment services.

  • A GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist MHCP referral will give you access to up to 20 rebates of $88.25 per calendar year.

  • The date on this referral will indicate when the rebates can be claimed from so please make sure to obtain the referral prior to your first appointment

  • Medicare rebates can only be claimed for sessions that are attended by the client themselves, so parent only sessions do not qualify for Medicare rebates

  • Please note you DO NOT need a referral to see a psychologist unless you wish to claim a Medicare rebate.


  • NDIS funding can often be used for assessment services as well as counselling and intervention. It is best to check with your funding manager directly first to ensure that assessment is covered.

  • Raise the Bar Psychology can see self and plan managed NDIS participants, but are not NDIS registered for agency managed participants.