Lauren Jacobs

Lauren has been the Clinic Manager for Raise the Bar Psychology since 2016. Her extensive

background in administration and customer service has been a wonderful asset in helping the

clinic to grow in order to meet the demand for educational assessments.

From a background in hospitality through to her work as a Virtual Assistant for a number of

Allied Health Practitioners, Lauren's broad scope of knowledge has grown to include a very

in-depth understanding of the needs of children, families and schools when looking into the services we provide, and she is a wonderful first point of contact for people new to the world of educational assessments.

From answering the phones to scheduling assessments, keeping the clinic clean and tidy, interviewing the Raise the Bar psychologists for her Meet The Team blog series, or just having a chat around the clinic, we couldn't be more thrilled to have Lauren pushing all the behind-the-scenes buttons for us.