This assessment looks at a range of areas of cognitive ability, executive functioning skills and a number of social, emotional and behavioural factors to determine where a student is at with regards to what areas they are strong in and what, if any, areas they may be having difficulty with.


The purpose of this assessment is to provide the student, parents and school with a clear understanding of where a student is at academically in order to put processes in place to help them make progress in any areas that are presenting a challenge.


This assessment is a modified version of the full educational assessment that meets the requirements for a VCAA Special Examinations Arrangements application.

The purpose of this assessment is to provide the school with the necessary report that they will need in order to submit a VCAA application for the student.

This assessment will also provide recommendations as to how the student can be supported at home and school to achieve to their potential.


This assessment is a modified version of the full educational assessment that looks specifically at the areas of cognitive ability and academic achievement relevant to dyslexia.

The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether or not a student has diagnosable dyslexia, what impact this is having on their education, and what supports can be put in place in order to help them make progress going forward.


This assessment will reassess any areas of academic concern identified in a previous assessment and will provide a summary letter outlining the conclusion and further recommendations as required.

The summary letter is provided at a fee of $200 and is sent by direct email.

Please note that a review assessment usually does not require a face to face feedback appointment.


The assessments above are some examples of the most common services we provide, and have been designed by our Clinic Director Dr. Kate Jacobs in order to meet the needs of the students we see and their families, as well as Victorian and interstate schools.

We take a Cross Battery Assessment (XBA) approach that uses a variety of assessment items in order to provide a comprehensive assessment that delivers very specific recommendations around how to utilise a students strengths as well as either improve any areas of challenge, overcome them, or in some cases bypass them completely during the learning process.

Each assessment conducted at Raise the Bar Psychology is tailored specifically to the individual and can be varied to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Assessment costs can range from around $500 to $2000 in total, and our Clinic Manager is always available to discuss your specific requirements and give you a more detailed cost estimate. 

We also have a tailored distance service available for families coming from outside of Melbourne and Australia, so please make sure to let us know if this would be beneficial to you.

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